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We hope that you'll enjoy our custom designed ornaments and etched photos with handmade wood frames. Please contact us for more details regarding a custom etched photo.

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Your favorite pictures and thoughts laser-etched for you to enjoy! 

Customizing FAQ's

Can I get anything laser-etched?

Although we can laser-etch many materials, there are some that we just cannot handle. We have worked with materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, If you have a unique material you want engraved, contact us and we will let you know if we can create a masterpiece or not. 

How long will it take to get a custom order done?

Once the concept is sent to us and we determine the design meets your standards (and ours), it can take up to a week to fulfill the order. If you need to get a custom product made in a hurry, we are willing to do our best to make sure you are satisfied. If the project is bigger or needs more time, we will let you know in advance.

Can I just send you a photo (i.e. family photo) and have it laser-etched on something?

 A good rule of thumb: if the photo is blurry, it will be etched blurry. The same rule goes for low resolution or low quality photos. The clearer/crisper the photo, the better. Depending on what material (and picture) you want, we can determine if the image will come out looking the way you want.


Can you laser-etch things in color?

Unfortunately, no. Our laser machine only burns the material, making an image by etching away at the material until the image appears. 

We do, however, paint certain materials if you want a different final product color.

Do I have to provide my own material to have a project done?

We provide the materials for your project, so no need to worry about that. If there is a specific item you want etched, (i.e. cutting board, wallet, journal, etc.) we will provide the item so we can get working on it as soon as possible.